Let your gadgets earn for you

Cloud is nothing but running your software on someone other’s computer say remote computer.

What do you do in Cloud? You hire some processor, some RAM, some hardware and deploy your software on any Cloud Provider name it as Amazon Web Service (AWS), Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Alibaba Cloud, IBM Cloud or any other cloud provider. You pay for space where you store your images and files remotely.

These cloud providers gives you commitment to have maximum up time of server, maximum availability of your data and tools to secure your software, data and gives some associated services which will make your life easier.

If you will compare the cloud providers, they gives similar type of services. In a nut shell what’s common?

Think what is the bare minimum need of to run our software?

  1. Processor which will act like controller.
  2. Random access memory where our software will get executed.
  3. Hard Drive to install our software and save our data.
  4. Internet connection by which our website will get accessed through other machine. that’s it.

To run our software, if we hire a small server on cloud then we need to pay (If we will use more than we have to pay more)

Mobile phone is getting more powerful everyday. Almost all smart phones are connected through internet.

We are thinking in the direction to write software under umbrella of CloudAlphabet to install one software over the air (OTA) or through wired connection on phone/ desktop/ laptop even on watches or anything having computing power and internet connectivity. This software will make one sandbox inside your gadget (we can assume sandbox as totally separate space inside your gadget). After installing of this software the no one can access data inside the Sandbox except out controlling software. Its vice versa, even controlling software who controls the sandbox will also not able to access the user’s private data.

At most places, the data of internet is almost unlimited on broadband, it will unlimited on phone in coming year. Hence any amount of transfer of data on phone/ desktop/ laptop won’t be any issue at all. Which will give controlling software to get connected with all gadgets.

We won’t install any hardware like Cloud providers does. We will use the Computing capacity of individual gadgets. The company will only provide software to manage the computing capacity of individual gadgets and will own infrastructure which will distribute or use the work of individual devices only.

Like server-less technology manages infrastructure, we will get the infrastructures of individual Gadgets on rent any pay them as per use very transparently.

The more we will use the capacity of gadget, the more gadget owner will earn.

In starting we will start running non-critical tasks (like testing my applications on any actual remote phone available anywhere in world without owning it) and later we will make our software such that it will run your heavy operations on machines in parallel those are available in same geographical area.

Our software will automatically check the location, bandwidth, computing power, historical up time of available Gadgets, so the task can be allocated as per availability.

There are trillions of trillions devices lying in home or office without proper utilization of their computing power.

The thought process is to consume each and every unutilized processing power where people has already spent their money.

By this technique, people will start earning from their gadgets and the day will come when the people’s gadgets will recover its investment cost and people start earning additional money out of it.

There are many thought process going around. But the ultimate goal is, people should earn from unutilized computing power or space of their gadgets without doing anything, the need to install our software, we will make sure that their private data will not get compromised by any chance.

Lets prepare the world to move cloud on our gadgets.