Is this New mobile OS is threatening bell for Android and iOS?

Market share of mobile operating system announced, KaiOS beat Apple’s iOS and becomes the second largest mobile OS in India and third place Worldwide. Refer Chart below by Statcounter¬†GlobalStats.

KaiOS Worldwide market share in January 2019 by StatCounter:

Third Place Worldwide

KaiOS India market share in January 2019 by StatCounter:

Second Place in India

KaiOS Technologies Inc has developed KaiOS. This OS first appeared in 2017.

The Company is in San Diego, California. CEO Sebastien Codevilleby heads the company.

KaiOS is Linux kernel mobile operating system.

It is a web-based lightweight mobile operating system for operating system for “smart feature phone”. The focus is “feature phone” having small memory for JioPhoen and Nokia 8110.

This operating system is a combination of the power of a smartphone having affordability of a feature phone”.

It is the successor of Firefox OS open source and is comparatively a very lightweight on hardware resource usage, and is capable of running on devices with just 256 MB of memory footprint.

KaiOS’s Primary feature is to support for 4G LTE E, GPS, and Wi-Fi with HTML5-based apps.

It empowers longer battery life to non-touch devices with an optimized user interface, less memory, and energy consumption.

KaiStore, a dedicated app marketplace is available to download applications.

Google invested US$22 million In June 2018 in this operating system.

You can visit its official website for more information:

Stay tuned, In next article coming up with application development approach on KaiOs.

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