Google Cloud announced 4 new role based certifications

Google Cloud announced 4 new role based certifications to the Google Cloud Certification portfolio.

1. Professional Cloud Developer (GA)

2. Professional Cloud Network Engineer (Beta)

3. Professional Cloud Security Engineer (Beta)

4. G Suite certification (GA)

At Google Cloud, having the right and new skills can make an excellent path for the cloud.

As per Google Cloud, 94% of IT managers finding difficult to find the candidate for Cloud skills. New role-based certifications are need of time as Cloud skill is not only, limited to configuring and deploying and managing it.

Hence in 2019, Google came solves Cloud skills crisis in the following 3 ways:

1. Launching role-based certifications to help businesses to hire qualified certified skilled talent.

2. To prepare millions of people in a cloud-first world by giving a wide scope of learning options and material.

3. To localize (make available in many languages) cloud learning and certifications in Japanese, French, German, Spanish, and Portuguese to make it available for more people worldwide.

Google Cloud has launched the following courses to prepare people for the cloud-first world.

1. Security in Google Cloud Platform

2. Building Conversational Experiences with Dialogflow

3. Industrial IoT on Google Cloud Platform

4. Preparing for the Google Cloud Professional Cloud Architect Exam

5. Preparing for the Google Cloud Data Engineer Exam

Google is pushing Cloud very seriously to compete with Amazon Web Services, Azure Cloud as well as new/old competitive comers like Alibaba Cloud, IBM Cloud and many more. Its right time to upgrade your cloud skills and that can be only showcased by certification in hand.

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Reference: Google Cloud Certifications