Good News After COVID-19, Air Quality Getting Better Worldwide, Whats About Your City?

Need of the hour, we should change our focus from our economical world to nature.

The COVID-19 has impacted worldwide and it’s panic everywhere.

Governments, local authorities, and the residents are doing their best to recover from this catastrophic situation.

Its almost worldwide lockdown and most of the people are staying at home.

People are not moving, hence no private/ public pollution making transportation.

Everyone needs oxygen (Air) for their life and humankind made it worst in the blind run for the money.

COVID-19 at least stopped this blind run and as a result air quality getting improved day by day.

Here is worldwide Air Pollution (Air Quality) in World as of 27th Mar 2020 at 4:57 AM GMT.

The overall pollution worldwise is decreasing and air getting cleaner.

You can check the air quality level of your city here:

Real-time Air Quality Index (AQI)

You can see that, to breathe we need lungs and COVID-19 are attacking the lungs. Now where you will go?

Through COVID-19, nature teaches us that either keep the air clean, adjust with nature or be ready for other disastrous attach which will more severely attack humankind and other species as well.

Next time, whoever will survive from this COVID-19 attach, try to focus on your health to improve immunity yourself, work to improve nature, air quality, make less pollution, minimize or stop using machines causing global warming and increasing pollution.

Hope for the best, Be safe at home !!!