Best online course for working professionals in Machine Learning

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Course 1: Machine Learning offered by Stanford

The following things have been covered in detail which is very useful to understand the concept of Machine Learning. Andrew has delivered this course in such a way that it becomes very easy to understand. You must finish this course. Leaving course in between won’t solve anything. If you want to learn then you must have patience and courage to devote your time. Use tools and do exercise on your own. There is no shortcut for learning. You do learn other courses as well which I am mentioning in this article. For any help, You can write to me a mail at

This course includes introduction of Machine Learning, Linear Regression with One Variable, Linear Algebra Review, Linear Regression with Multiple Variables, Octave Matlab Tutorial, Logistic Regression, Regularization, Neural Networks: Representation, Neural Networks: Learning, Advice for Applying Machine Learning, Machine Learning System Design, Support Vector Machines, Unsupervised Learning, Dimensionality Reduction, Anomaly Detection, Recommender Systems, Large Scale Machine Learning, Application Example: Photo OCR. Course line in as follows:

Andrew Ng, is an Adjunct Professor of Stanford University, formerly Chief Scientist at Baidu as well as Founding lead of Google Brain has delivered this course. As of date 6 Jan 2020, This course has been 123504 people who have given a rating of 4.9 out of 5. It requires almost 56 hours of online learning through Coursera.

Course 2: Machine Learning A-Z™: Hands-On Python & R In Data Science

This course will teach you to learn machine learning algorithms in R and Python. This course includs many course examples.

Currently there are course rating is 4.5 out of  which has been given by 103,984 students. Total 528,222 students are enrolled in this course as on date. Link of course is provided below. This course is very poplular on Udemy. This course has been taught by industry expert having great knowledge and experience in industry.

Course 3: A-Z Machine Learning using Azure Machine Learning (AzureML)

If you are an Azure fan and want to know the concept of Machine learning using Azure then this course is for you. This course recommends, in fact, any course on Machine Learning recommends to have good basic mathematics. Before starting this course you should have free to paid Azure account. At the time of the creation of an account, Azure might ask for credit card details.

This course will guide towards a hot career path of Machine Learning. This course will also prepare you for Azure DP 100: Azure Data Scientist Associate exam as well.

This course is also very popular, especially for Azure Professionals. As on date, 1667 students have given a 4.5-star rating. 10287 students are already enrolled in this course. Find the course link below and enter in hot career of AzureML. Once you clear your exam please do not forget to write a mail to me at Good Luck.

Course 4: AWS Certified Machine Learning Specialty 2020 – Hands On!

This course has been prepared for professionals interested in clear AWS Machine learning Certification. Frank Kane and Stephane Maarek has made and delivered the learning in easy and in good style. These two professional has also prepared many study materials for AWS certification as well as on other hot technologies. Along with many study materials, this course includes Amazon SageMaker, Feature engineering techniques, including imputation, outliers, binning, and normalization. High-level ML services, Data engineering with Glue, Kinesis, S3, and DynamoDB. Exploratory data analysis, Deep learning and Hyper Parameter tuning of deep neural networks. This course also includes Automatic model tuning and operations with SageMaker. L1 & L2 regularization has been captured as well as Applying security best practices to machine learning pipelines has been explained in detail.

This course is boon for professionals preparing for the AWS Machine Learning Speciality exam. As of date, 5078 students have been enrolled and 448 students have given a 4.5-star rating. You can visit site on below link:

Once you clear the exam please do not forget to write your success story to me at Good Luck and prepare yourself to touch the horizon.